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What is creamer exactly? A short guide!

What is creamer exactly? A short guide!

Have you ever wondered what that is that Americans drink with their coffee? It’s called creamer. What is creamer exactly, and how is it made and best stored?

Creamer is derived from cream, it’s based on cream. Its use is very popular in America and less popular in Europe.

Creamer can be bought in stores in liquid or powdered form. There are different types of creamer available, with or without fat, with or without dairy, all with different flavors.

The main reasons for using a creamer instead of milk or other sweeteners are convenience and durability or longevity. The liquid form, after its opening, will about 2 weeks and the powdered form can last for at least 6 months so no stressing about if your milk has gone bad.

Be aware though, that creamers can go bad. Look here for more information and signs to tell.

Types and varieties of creamer

As we’ve said before, there are different types of creamers:

  • Liquid creamers
  • Powdered creamers

Within those categories you’ll have also the following options:

  • no sugar
  • no fat or low fat
  • non-dairy
  • different flavors

When you have a coffee in a café, bar, or restaurant, mostly you’ll have a creamer with it, single-serving cups of creamer. You can buy them in the store in larger quantities but think about your needs before buying them, especially if they’re liquid and are dairy-based.

How can you use creamer?

We already know that creamer is convenient, just buy and take some to use with your coffee and they’ll last a lifetime if stored and sealed away properly.

Creamer is a replacement for milk mostly and one of the most sold are those with milk flavor.

Depending on the type and variety of creamer you’ve bought, start by adding a little and taste it as they don’t have the same level of sweetness.

When you use creamer, stir it well as you want to supplement and improve your coffee experience.

You use creamer as a supplement to your coffee, it’s not meant to be consumed on its own but it’s possible of course. You can also use them for other drinks like tea.

How does creamer taste?

It can be quite similar when it comes to taste and texture to milk and half-half. When bought, mostly extra sweeteners have been added.

Remember to stir it well after you’ve added them to your coffee, especially with the powdered form as you need them to dissolve in your coffee.

Are there substitutes or alternatives to creamer?

Yes, the most common ones are whole milk, heavy cream, half-and-half, or milk powder.

Whole milk: is pure and needs to be consumed within a respectable timeframe (1-2 weeks). You can also buy evaporated milk (milk that’s been heated until 60% of the water is evaporated, has a stronger texture because of the lower amount of water).

Heavy cream: this one can contain a lot of calories so they might not need extra sweeteners like sugar afterward.

Half-and-half: As the name suggests, it’s a combination of 2 equal parts: milk and heavy cream.

Milk powder: Milk power is also a commonly used supplement to coffee but it doesn’t have the same level of cream or sugar in it.

Where can you buy creamer?

You can buy them in most stores, be it online or in a physical grocery store or supermarket.

You can buy them in different quantities.

Liquid creamers mostly come in plastic or glass bottles or tetra packs. Liquid creamers can be mostly found in the dairy section of the store.

Powdered creamers are packed in paper or plastic packages and are closely located to the coffee beans or in some stores at the checkout section.

Before you buy creamer, always buy consciously and align it with your needs because these creamers can go bad after some time.

Also, think about what flavor you’ll like as there are many options available.

How to store creamers?

This is mostly the same for storing coffee. You can’t let them come in touch with air or sunlight and heat sources (besides coffee of course).

Liquid creamers need to be refrigerated and stored in the fridge.

  • Unopened liquid creamer: about 1 month
  • opened liquid creamer: not more than 2 weeks

Powdered creamers can be stored in an airtight container and a dark place, mostly a cabinet or pantry. Temperature is not higher than room temperature.

  • Unopened powdered creamer: up to 2 years
  • Opened powdered creamer: up to 6 months

You can also freeze your creamers but it can be quite inconvenient and doesn’t prolong the lifespan of your creamer by the same period. Please buy consciously and think about your needs.

Does freezing your coffee impact the coffee freshness?

Yes, definitely!

This is an area that not many homebrewers know or use, to be honest. Freezing your coffee beans can prolong the lifespan of your coffee and almost completely preserve its quality of it, there might a small loss but that’s with every process.

How to freeze your coffee beans:

  • Divide it into small bags or containers and write everything down on a label. Make sure to seal it very well because other odors of other products will affect your coffee taste.
  • Take it outside your freezer and let it thaw gradually. Here we say a few hours before your next brew

Enjoy your coffee!