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What is Vinobrew: The best of 3 worlds combined?

What is Vinobrew: The best of 3 worlds combined?

Some coffee lovers like to explore coffee alternatives and love to try out new things. A great suggestion might just be Vinobrew. This unique drink combines multiple types of drinks, combining cold brew coffee, beer, and wine into a single mug or glass.

You might think that Vinobrew can’t be that great, but that’s all theory, let’s get over to the brewing. Wine and beer can each add great accents to your cold brew coffee.

Don’t finish that cup of wine or beer and use it to start brewing your first Vinobrew coffee. If you have a bad experience at first, don’t give up and keep going at it. We invite you to brew Vinobrew and learn something new!

What is vinobrew exactly?

Vinobrew is made with a plan and consists of the right parts of coffee, wine, and beer. It doesn’t always have to be in that order or the parts don’t need to be the same.

Each of these ingredients has multiple pros and cons and can upgrade your brew. You can compare it in some way to a cocktail, where multiple ingredients are combined. Each of these ingredients has some degree of acidity and can result in a great experience.

History of Vinobrew?

Vinobrew is widely known as the result of the partnership between GoatHouse Brewing and Wise Villa Winery. This was in 2016.

We don’t say that it didn’t exist before in some way but we refer to this collaboration as the “birth” year of Vinobrew.

Vinobrew components:

Cold Brew

Cold Brew is known for its lower acidity compared to hot brew. Cold brew takes more time to brew but will give you a great experience. We don’t see it as the “little brother” of hot brew coffee.

Think about it, would you like to add hot brew coffee to your wine or beer?

Right, cold brew it is!

As with most things when it comes to brewing, use your senses and start from your personal preference. There are a lot of choices when it comes to cold brew coffee.

For those who don’t know, cold brew is not the same as iced (hot brew) coffee.

The grind of your cold brew will be coarser. Grind your beans or get your grounds and let them steep in the water for about 12 hours for extraction. In the end, use a filter to remove the grounds, as they can heavily downgrade your coffee experience.

You’d best consume this directly and if not, before 7 days since the brew. Coffee does get worse after some time.

We would opt for something between light roast or dark roast, thus medium roast.


This might be a more difficult choice. Darker beers like stouts or porters won’t be the wrong choice. Darker means more earthy tastes like chocolate.

Here you can go with other types of beer as well, but to keep things simple, we’d go for a stout or a darker ale.

Don’t go for lighter ones because they, just like coffee, won’t match greatly and give you a mediocre experience.


Wine is fine? Not every wine is. You’ll need red wine for this brew. Of course, there are a lot of different profiles or tasting notes here that we won’t discuss in detail.

We suggest you take a full-bodied red wine, that has a great level of sweetness. This is needed to battle the boldness and bitter tastes of your beer and coffee.

Red wine with the taste of dried fruits and some earthy tasting notes will do fine.

What does it taste like?

When you think of it as an outsider, you might think it’s a bad idea. We believe in the saying: If the product is great on its own, it can be also great when combined with other products on its own.

Outsiders might think that vinobrew is mostly made of wine (vino) but that’s not true:

  • Beer: ~ 70 %
  • Wine: ~ 20 %
  • Coffee: ~ 10 %

While you have very strong beers, the amount of coffee is not that much because we’ll be using a darker roast, that coffee has the strongest taste and thus less volume is needed.

Think of it that beer is the foundation of your Vinobrew, wine, and coffee finish your design because they have a stronger taste profile. We must make sure that the flavors of one type of drink don’t drown in the other flavors and don’t add to the process.

When you’re brewing it for the first time, it might be too bitter: reduce the amount of coffee. Too much acidity can be altered by reducing the red wine, remember cold brew results in lower acidity.

Can you leave one of the ingredients out?

Yes, you can but again, you’ll need to tweak and tweak until you’ve found the best ratio. We don’t discuss the combination of wine and beer.

If you buy them in the store, they usually have less caffeine when you do it on your own. As said before, don’t consume in high volumes. We’re here to have great experiences unless you like that ;).

Coffee and wine

This combination isn’t seen a lot but can lead you to a great experience if you know what you’re doing. The absence of beer results in a stronger brew because of the higher alcohol percentage.

There are some alternatives to this like coffee-infused red wines. This is convenient as you don’t need to brew everything yourself. Quick and easy.

Coffee and beer

You can try it at home by drinking your beer a shot or 2 of cold brew and see for yourself. Here the level of alcohol depends on the type of beer you’ve chosen.

Alternatively, there are also great drinks available like coffee stouts.

How can you reduce the caffeine content?

You can reduce the caffeine content by using decaf coffee instead of regular coffee. As you know, decaf coffee does contain caffeine, but not as much as regular coffee.

Wrapping up

Vinobrew can be a great experience to brew for yourself at home. Do you want to impress your guests? Try Vinobrew (first try it yourself). If your guests can’t choose between a great beer, wine, or coffee, just serve that Vinobrew.

As with most things when homebrewing, just do it and tweak the ratio of the ingredients and keep working on it just to get right.


Why is cold brew coffee better?

Cold brew has lower acidity when compared to hot brew coffee. The lack of hot water means that the oils, which carry acids, out of the coffee. This will give you a smoother taste and go easier on your stomach. There are special coffee beans that are low on acids as an alternative.

What are beer, wine, and coffee called?

Vinobrew is a combination of beer, wine, and coffee. Most of the brew consists of beer (~70%), then wine (~20%), and last but not least: coffee (~ 10%).

Enjoy your coffee!