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Maple Syrup in Coffee: A Great Alternative Sweetener?

Maple Syrup in Coffee: A Great Alternative Sweetener?

Are you tired of using sugar or other sweeteners in your coffee? Are you looking for a change from your regular black coffee? Drinking your coffee black or not is a debate we’ll save for another day or blog post!

There are a lot of great alternative sweeteners to sugar. Today we will talk a bit more about maple syrup and why it can be a great alternative sweetener to sugar in your daily coffee.

Together with this info, we will give you a small recipe that you can use to make it yourself at home. Making maple syrup yourself is part of the great experience your daily coffee can give you!

General information on Maple Syrup

Maple might remind you of your last great camping trip with friends, but it’s more than that.

Maple is mostly used in artificially flavored coffee, not natural. However, there aren’t a lot of recipes that use maple syrup in coffee.

We’ll try and use the real maple syrup in our recipe for great authentic and natural results. We don’t want to have industrial or other added effects to it. Keep it nice and simple.

Why you should opt for Maple Syrup

I see you’re thinking or doubting why you should try maple syrup in the first place.

There are, as stated above, a lot of “thought-to-be” maple syrups or substitutions that’ll have 2 disadvantages:

  • added chemical, industrial substances, better for your health
  • the natural product is thinner and blends well in your coffee

So the real deal is the natural product and not the thicker corn syrups like pancake syrups.

Is maple syrup healthy or not

This is a subjective question. it depends on a lot of things. However, a few of the main reasons are that some coffee lovers like to put maple syrup in coffee and that it’s healthy.

Is it healthy? Yes in the sense that it’s a great alternative to sugar. It also has a lot of needed minerals like iron, magnesium, antioxidants, and others.

It has indeed more nutritional advantages and can be beneficial for your wellbeing in the long run.

However, we advise you to consume small doses of it as with everything, a lot of so-called products can have a lot of consequences.

Quality over quantity!

Using Maple Syrup in your Coffee

Another great reason for using maple syrup in coffee is the great taste. It has a rich, natural sweetness that other sweeteners like sugar simply can’t provide.

They pair well with coffee and/or milk or other even brown sugar.

It is a reason why you’ll find maple syrup on lattes and other coffees in larger chains. However these can be not the natural maple syrup but you get the idea, they pair well and provide great flavors.

Make your maple coffee at home

You can follow this simple recipe to make your maple coffee at home:


  • strong and black coffee (go for a medium or dark roast)
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of maple syrup
  • milk (to your liking)
  • optional step: adding other substances for a finishing touch like cinnamon or nutmeg.

Note that depending on the type of coffee, you’ll need to tweak and change your ratios. Do this according to your personal feeling or experience.


  • Brew your cup of coffee

You can brew your daily favorite, we advise it to be a medium or darker roast.

  • Heat maple syrup

Add the maple syrup to your empty coffee mug, 1-2 tablespoons, and heat it. You can use a saucepan (preheat the maple syrup and add afterward) or a microwave. Microwave is more convenient and less cleaning afterward. About 10 seconds is fine.

  • Add milk (after tasting coffee + maple syrup!!!)

You can add milk to your preference and liking on one condition: after tasting the coffee with maple syrup. You’ll find that it will be sufficient, if not you can still add milk afterward but if you don’t taste it, you’ll miss out on this great experience.

  • Stir the coffee, maple syrup, and milk

You can pour the coffee over the maple syrup in your coffee mug.

Stir until everything is blended.

As stated above: add milk to it afterward, but taste it before. You need to taste this combination of black coffee and maple syrup. You can add milk later if you don’t like the taste that much. Maple syrup is sweet enough on its own.

Wrapping up

Maple syrup and coffee are a great combination. Think about it. They’re both products from our planet, Mother Earth, and more natural and authentic isn’t doable. You’ll need the real maple syrup of course.

This maple syrup recipe can be a great change from other industrially, artificially flavored coffees. The natural variant blends well in your coffee and is free of added substances or chemicals.


Can you put maple syrup in coffee?

Yes, maple syrup in coffee is one of the greatest alternative sweeteners to sugar but is surprisingly unknown. They can be easily confused with the artificially flavored maple syrups used in larger coffee chains and shops.

Can you put maple syrup in coffee?

Fans and believers of black coffee might say that you’ll need to drink your coffee black. If you want to sweeten things up, maple syrup can be a great choice because it blends well into your coffee and is more nutritional than sugar.

Does maple syrup taste good in coffee?

Maple syrup blends well into coffee and adds a rich and sweet flavor to your daily cup of coffee. You can always add milk to it afterward but this is your personal choice. Adding extra substances means adding calories. Make sure the maple syrup is the natural one and not one of the industrially processed, thicker variants.

Enjoy your coffee!