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We all grew up with board games, remember Trivial Pursuit? Time for some coffee trivia to boost your knowledge about the black gold we all love. We at Golden Sin have reviewed about 33 facts about coffee and provided you with this list.

Since coffee goes way back, there’s a lot we didn’t know about coffee. Enjoy the list of 33 coffee trivia.

  1. There are 4 different coffee beans. Besides Arabica and Robusta, the 2 popular ones, you also have Liberica and Excelsa.
  2. Robusta beans contain about 2 times more caffeine compared to the Arabica beans.
  3. Coffeebeans are actually coffee fruits. They grow to the coffee berry and they become red in color.
  4. Back when coffee didn’t existed, beer was one of the most consumed drinks. Water was way too polluted, not good for consumption. People drank beer because water was cooked in the process.
  5. Coffee plants were already used before there was coffee as we know today. Coffee that was made from roasted coffee beans. Coffee berries and leafs were used for their stimulating properties and effects (more than 1.000 years ago).
  6. The roasting process of the coffee beans decides the coffee flavor. The lighter the roasting, the more acidic notes you’ll have. On the other hand, the longer the roasting process, the more sour the beans will taste.
  7. The grind size of the coffee also impacts the flavor. The finer the grind size, the more aromas and taste will be released. The larger the grind size, the more sour tones you’ll have. The finer the grind size, more bitter tastes are developed.
  8. The perfect water temperature for making coffee is about 96°C (204.8°F). It never exceeds 100 °C ( 212 ° F). When it exceeds this temperatures, coffee beans will be burned. Of course, there are specialty coffees that do just that.
  9. The perfect espresso is made with 9 bar of pressure and takes between 25 and 30 seconds. (see here for a cheap espresso machine!)
  10. You can use any type of milk to make foam for your coffee.
  11. Coffee contains more aromas than wine. During the process of making wine, about 250 parts are released that compose to the smells, odors, fragrance. Coffee can release about 800 parts!
  12. The name cappuccino comes from a group of monks in Italy. Their cloths had a color combination of brown with white cream.
  13. Espresso means pressed coffee and is derived from the Italian word “esprimere”. It was first used, discovered in Europe.
  14. The Netherlands are in the top 5 of most coffee drinkers in the world, they have an average of 8.4 kg coffee per inhabitant per year. The top 5 is composed of, mostly, Northern-European countries (Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark).
  15. If you want to increase your focus, when you have to study for example, you’d better drink coffee, cappuccino instead of an espresso. Coffee contains more caffeine.
  16. There’s a direct correlation between the aromas of coffee and the type of glass you’re using. If you use a glass for Cognac, because of the convex shape, the aromas will be captured greatly.
  17. Some types of coffee you don’t know: caffé mocka and espresso con Panna.
  18. Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee that is made by using coffee beans that have been eaten by the Luwak. This is a feline animal that eats the coffee berry and shits it out. This is an exclusive type of bean! No shit!
  19. Large tastings of coffee are called: “cupping”. During these events we pay attention to: the smell, the texture, the flavor and the length of the mouthfeel.
  20. The Robusta plant is, unlike the Arabica, more resistant to diseases and disasters. It requires less pesticides to grow.
  21. You can freeze your coffee beans, it’s a better alternative than letting it rest in your fridge.
  22. The first coffee was found in Ethiopia in Africa.
  23. Before you drink coffee, it’s better to drink a glass of water first. The water purifies your taste buds. Doing this results in a better taste of the coffee aromas.
  24. It takes about 3 hours before the coffee is gone in your body.
  25. Every year about 500 billion cups are consumed, about half of that during breakfast.
  26. Brasil is the country that produces the most coffee, Vietnam comes in second place.
  27. A young goat keeper noted, in the 9th century, that his goats were behaving differently when they ate coffee beans, thus trying it himself!
  28. If you don’t drink more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee per day, you’ll have a chance to live longer. You’ll less likely have Parkinson disease, heart and vascular diseases and diabetes.
  29. Most coffees are a blend of the 2 most known beans: Arabica and Robusta beans.
  30. The first coffeehouse in the world was opened in Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1475.
  31. Coffee was approved by Pope Clemens VIII, untill then, coffee was considered as a typical Turkish, Islamitic drink.
  32. During the Great War (First World War), dryed coffee was part of the ration of the American soldiers. During the War they became addicted to the black gold. In the years after the War there was massive growth in coffeehouses.
  33. Coffee break was used as an excuse to stop working for a moment, we “love” coffee right ;)!

Hope you have enjoyed this coffee trivia!

Enjoy your coffee!