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We’ve all been there before, doing everything we can to brew the best cup of black gold possible, only to taste that bad, awful taste and smell of plastic. Talk about a bad experience! Plastic can get in your coffee much faster than water. A lot of people are not aware of this and thus they possibly go for a cheaper plastic-rich coffee maker. Eventually, they’ll have the same Aha-moment and opt for a plastic free coffee maker.

Even if you didn’t have that experience, some people want everything to be sustainable or environment-friendly and reduce the number of plastic in their household.

We at Golden Sin think no one in the world should experience this. The logical solution is to buy a plastic-free coffee maker. We’ve reviewed 10 plastic-free coffee makers for you!

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#1. Presto 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

This coffee maker looks very portable and is the real deal. It’s suited to brew anything up to 12 cups of coffee and will do the job very fast. It’s a percolator.

It comes with a simple light at the bottom, indicating it’s ON or OFF. When your batch is brewed, the light will go OFF. The body of the coffee maker and the filter basket are made from stainless steel.

It can be used as a small gooseneck kettle to pour your coffee into the cups. The coffee will stay warm for a long time. The heating element is made of aluminum.

As this coffee maker is simple and convenient, it might not give you the extra edge or control you need to master your brew as you would like. You can’t optimize the extraction of your coffee grounds so this won’t be suited for you if you want to get the most out of your cup.

Since it’s made out of stainless steel, it will last a very long time.


  • Stainless steel
  • Look’s nice and steady
  • Convenient in use
  • Small Gooseneck spout for control
  • Insulated
  • Capacity of maximum 12 cups
  • Under $100


  • No extra control over the process

#2. Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

Breville comes with a fine coffee maker here. Be warned that this is one of the more expensive ones on our list (near $300). It’s all about stainless steel and doesn’t have plastic components that can ruin your coffee experience.

You can heat your water and keep it at a certain temperature by using the Precise digital temperature control (PID). It has about 3 different water flow rates so you can optimize the circumstances as you like. It also comes with preset brewing methods and does something else at the same time instead of brewing.

One of these preset methods is the “Gold Cup” mode. It will automatically control the water temperature and time to meet the quality standards of SCA (197 to 204 ° F).

Needless to say, this machine has a lot of nice-to-haves for the coffee geek that’s fond of controlling the process. It also comes with a digital display so you can follow up on everything.


  • Stainless steel
  • Extra control over the process
  • SCA-standards
  • Preset brewing methods
  • Adjustable temperature


  • Not cheap (around $300)

#3. Cuisinart DCC-3200 – 14-Cup Glass Carafe

Cuisinart is a known coffee brand and comes with the DCC-3200, made from stainless steel. It doesn’t cost a lot and will provide you with everything you need.

It comes with 2 taste profiles: regular and bold. You can pre-set your brewing time at a maximum of 24 hours before brewing so you can plan your coffee break!

There’s a glass carafe, that keeps your coffee warm for a long time. It has a capacity of 14 cups and is thus suited for multiple users at the same time.

It has an auto-shutdown function and can clean itself.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • High capacity (up to 14 cups)
  • Hot coffee can be kept warm in insulated carafe
  • Auto-shutdown function
  • Reusable filter
  • 2 flavor profiles: regular and bold


  • Not easy to open

#4. GROSCHE Milano Steel 6 espresso cup Brushed Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka pot

A Moka pot is a must on our list! This Moka pot is made from stainless steel and, of course, it doesn’t have any plastic accessories. A steel filter basket is included.

This coffee maker can brew up to 6 cups of Moka in 5 minutes and comes with a small non-drip spout to give you extra control when pouring. It can be used on all stovetops, even induction.

It can be cleaned easily and is portable, so you can take it with you. 

It’s convenient to use and better compared to its aluminum Moka counterparts.


  • 100% stainless steel
  • non-drip spout
  • heat-resistant steel handle
  • easy to clean
  • portable
  • can brew 6 cups in 5 minutes
  • it comes with a certified safety valve


  • There can be problems with the leaking seal

#5. Ovalware Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This Ovalware coffee maker is suited for the cold brew brewing method. It comes with a glass carafe, a stainless steel filter, and a silicon seal.

Thanks to the brewing method (cold brew), you’ll have healthier and smoother coffee.

The carafe comes with a non-slip rubber cushion base to give you extra protection. It comes with a stainless steel filter and cap and rust doesn’t get a chance. It can be sealed airtight and keep flavor for up to 2 weeks and protect from other fridge scents. There are smart labels on the carafe and cup so you don’t need to use a scale.

With cold brew, it’s advised to use coarsely ground beans.

It’s said to be dishwasher safe, but as with most things, think about it to wash it in the dishwasher. It’s easy to wash it with the hand, so why not do it?

Steel filters are known to let some of the grinds through in your carafe, so look at the grind size (coarse). This can affect the taste heavily.

If you want an eco-friendly coffee maker, this might be your choice. It’s also suited for ice tea and other drinks of course.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple purposes
  • Airtight seal
  • Freshness for 2 weeks
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Carafe with extra protection


  • Carafe can break
  • Not advised to use dishwasher
  • Grinds can get through the steel filter

#6. Coffee Gator Paperless Pour Over

This coffee maker is a pour-over coffee maker. The Gator has a glass carafe and comes with a stainless steel filter. The glass is durable and resistant to heat. It’s a convenient drip kit. They advise using this filter over a paper one, because of the environment.

This is a simple coffee maker that does the job well. It doesn’t need a detailed guide to use, giving you more control over the brewing process. Still, it’s advised to perfect your pour-over technique, but as with most skills, they grow by doing it regularly.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Durable glass carafe
  • Heat resistant
  • Stainless steel filter


  • As with most things made of glass, it can break. Be careful

#7. Hario Glass Syphon Coffee Maker

Hario, a quality brand in the coffee niche, comes with a nice construction here. It looks like it’s stolen from a lab. If you’re in search of something trendy and reliable, stay with us!

This coffee maker looks quite difficult to use, but don’t judge a book by its cover. It can be used for multiple brewing methods, making it a great fit for most households. Since it’s made out of glass, be careful with it because it can break.

When you use this coffee maker, it needs your focus and time to be used, you’ll have to put in the work. You can use it to show off with your friend and family. If you love brewing coffee and enjoy the process, this might be a great fit for you.

It can brew up top 5 cups.


  • Multiple brewing methods possible
  • Eye-catcher in the house! Looks impressive!
  • Stand, burner cover and filter are made of stainless steel
  • Heat resistant glass


  • Glass can break, be careful.
  • Requires a bit more work
  • Look complicated

#8. BUNN VP17-1SS Pourover Coffee Brewer

Bunn comes with a great coffee maker with stainless steel interior. It comes with a plastic funnel. This coffee maker does contain some silicone. You can replace the plastic funnel with a metal one.

This is an excellent drip coffee maker without plastic parts and can get you a cup of coffee very quickly.

This coffee maker is durable and will last for a long time. You can buy extra parts, to reduce the risk of hot water touching plastic through the brewing process.

It doesn’t come with a glass carafe, so you’ll have to buy it. You can buy it here.

This coffee maker is commercial-grade and used at offices, but also suited for home brewing.


  • Can brew fast. 14.4 liters per hour.
  • Stainless steel
  • Splashguard funnel protects your hands from hot liquids
  • Easy to use and clean


  • No decanter (buy here)
  • Takes a bit more place compared to other coffee makers

#9. Hario V60 Olive Wood Stand, 5 Component Set

Hario V60 goes way back and is an appreciated coffee maker. This one comes with a wooden stand and has 5 components: carafe, V60 coffee maker, 100 paper filters, measuring spoon, and wooden stand.

This coffee maker is suited for pour-over. It comes with a glass dripper and a carafe. With the wooden stand, it looks great in your kitchen and is convenient in use. The parts are made of glass so they can break, but the wooden stand reduces this risk.


  • Nice design
  • Available in other variants (ceramic…)
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Wooden stand gives extra control


  • Glass can break

#10. CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Another pour-over legend! This coffee maker is one the most popular ones out there. They’re known for their strong filter: it can trap coffee oils and thus makes your coffee less acidic. Of course, you can also brew cold or buy low acidic coffee. These strong filtering abilities can give you a healthy cup of coffee. The Chemex can fit easily in your interior.

It’s made from borosilicate glass, more durable glass, and keeps odors and other bad stuff outside! It’s easy to use and clean.

A very important part of the Chemex is the filter. They do the cleaning, keep the coffee taste-enemies outside. You can buy paper ones or buy a permanent Chemex filter.


  • Very popular
  • strong glass (shock-resistant)
  • Suited for cold and hot drinks
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Strong filter capabality: makes coffee less acidic


  • Glass can break


Plastic is everywhere in our daily life. Oceans are full of it because there’s abundance. When it comes to coffee, it can taste awful en smell badly. What’s the reason for this?

There are 3 reasons for this: BPA, BPS, and BPF. BPA is more known, but the other can also do a lot of damage to your health.

BP stands for Bisphenol. They cause endocrine disruption, it disrupts hormones in your body. It can cause bad effects on your health and it can also be bad for your offspring. Some other health risks are high blood pressure, infertility, cancer.

So if you look for a healthy coffee maker, please look closer to the labels, you don’t want just a BPA-free label, because you know it mostly will have BPS or BPF and they’re just as bad for your health!

Plastic as such isn’t bad, but when it comes in contact with very hot surroundings it is! It can leak much faster when they’re heated up. They’ll also leak faster when it’s about acidic drinks. We all know coffee can be very acidic! This means making a cup of coffee can be very bad for your health.

We don’t say plastic is bad but think about the places where the plastic is. There’s nothing wrong with a plastic carafe handle, but is plastic in a place where it can touch hot liquids like water and coffee?


A plastic-free coffee maker is mostly one of the following types:


There are quite a lot of glass coffee makers out there. These are becoming more and more popular. Glass is a great material, can be heat resistant, doesn’t influence the taste of coffee, and can handle hot water or coffee. Glass tanks can cool down faster, but generally this is a great material.


These coffee makers are heavier and more expensive. This means that steel is more used in better (inner) equipment of the coffee maker. There’s a reason why the cheaper ones have more plastic in areas where hot liquids come in the more expensive ones have less of these. Of course, you can look for a coffee maker that’s all stainless steel, but focus on the interior.


Pouring over is one the oldest and easiest brewing methods out there. It doesn’t require a lot of investment and equipment, only hot water and coffee beans (ground, of course, coffee grounds). This method requires skill when it comes to pouring, but you can perfect it by doing it regularly.


BPA, Bisphenol A, is a chemical that’s used to harden plastic, it causes health risks to humans (toxic). Coffee makers that are BPA-free should have a BPA-free label on them. Be aware though, this doesn’t mean they’re entire without plastic. There are other Bisphenol variants (F and S) that can cause the same health risks. If you want to be very sure of a plastic-free coffee maker, look for the ones that are made of glass or stainless steel. We just want you to be aware of this! BPA-FREE doesn’t mean there are no harmful plastics in the inner parts of your coffee maker.



Yes of course. There are several possibilities. The Chemex and Hario V60 are 2 fine examples of the pour-over brewing method. You can also opt for a stainless steel coffee maker, but they’re more expensive. The more expensive a coffee maker is, the more likely there’s less plastic used.


The cheaper the coffee maker, the more likely it will contain plastic. You must go for a coffee maker that’s made of or from the following materials: glass, stainless steel, or BPA-free plastic. However, BPA-free doesn’t always mean there’s no harmful plastic involved (BPS or BPF) but is generally a good indicator when it comes to a healthy coffee maker!


You can use one of the non-toxic coffee makers from our list or simply pick one that’s made of glass, stainless steel, or BPA-free plastic. Being BPA-free doesn’t mean there aren’t other harmful plastics in the coffee maker, but it’s a good indicator. You can use low acidic coffee or organic coffee to reduce the acidity of your coffee. You could also use cold brew as a brewing method and use coffee beans suited for cold brew.


No, not all are free of harmful plastics. You can look for coffee makers that are made out of glass, stainless steel. Keep in mind that BPA-free doesn’t mean that it can’t contain harmful plastics, there are others as well (BPS, BPF).


A plastic-free coffee maker can influence your life and that of your closest friends and family. It’s not all about controlling the brewing process for a great cup of black gold. Keep in mind that you can brew this without the risk of BPA or other harmful plastics in your coffee and suffer major health risks. We at Golden Sin think you can have a great start with the popular Chemex!

Enjoy your coffee!