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Does Coffee Creamer Go Bad? How long can it last?

Does Coffee creamer Go Bad? How long can it last?

We all know that coffee is delicious. We, coffee lovers, are all eager to drink at least a cup a day. Sometimes we add coffee creamer to our coffee for a better experience and aim for the best quality, but does coffee creamer go bad?

There are a lot of different creamers out there but they’ll all go bad eventually. Read on to find out more.

What is a coffee creamer?

Creamer is a type of coffee additive that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Many coffee drinkers prefer it to milk or cream because it is cheaper and has a longer shelf life.

Coffee creamers come in many different flavors, which can be a great way to change up your morning cup of coffee.

Some people believe that creamer is not as healthy as milk, there are now many dairy-free options available on the market.

Coffee creamer is convenient and can be enjoyed by every coffee drinker.

Coffee creamer can come in different varieties, depending on the varieties, they’ll go bad faster:

  • liquid coffee creamers
  • powdered coffee creamers
  • no sugar coffee creamers
  • no fat coffee creamers
  • different flavors of coffee creamers

Coffee creamers in liquid form can last up to 2-3 weeks after opening it, the powdered version can last up to 6 months or even more. It makes sense that from the moment you open it, you should try to consume it in a respectable timeframe to reduce possible risks.

Does coffee creamer go bad?

Yes, unfortunately. As with all food products for consumption, all will go bad eventually. There’s always a risk of food poisoning nearby.

Coffee creamer can come in different versions. The liquid version has a shorter lifespan compared to the powdered version (2-3 weeks vs 6 months).

How long does coffee creamer last?

The lifespan or shelf life of your coffee creamer depends on the type and whether they’ve been opened or not.

  • Liquid: Unopened bottles or packs: 1 – 2 weeks after the use-by date; Opened: approximately 2 weeks after the moment of opening.
  • Powdered coffee creamer: lasts up to 6 months

The general rule of products you’ll buy is that they will all go bad after some time.

The best advice is that you buy with an idea of what you’ll consume in any period. If you open it, consume it, and don’t risk consuming it, especially if there’s dairy involved.

However, you can delay the decaying process by storing your creamer thoroughly. Try to evade light and keep it at max. room temperature. You can also try to freeze your coffee creamer (liquid version).


How can you tell if coffee creamer has gone bad?

Can the expired creamer make you sick? There are a lot of factors involved when a person is getting sick so making the creamer the guilty one is not looking around the corner.

Use your common sense and your first thoughts on the matter. If there’s doubt, don’t consume it.

Here we give you some tips if you can tell it’s still good for consumption.

#1. Expiration date

Every product you’ll buy in the store for consumption has an expiration date. Look for it on the package of your coffee creamer. The general rule of thumb is liquid: 2 weeks after opening, powdered 6 months after opening. Is it unopened, don’t risk it as chances are high it went bad already?

#2. Smell

You can open the liquid coffee creamer and smell it. Do you recognize any bad smell that’s not regular? Don’t hesitate and get rid of it.

#3. Taste

Can’t you smell something different? That doesn’t mean it hasn’t gone bad already. Try to taste it with your teaspoon. Not the same taste? Get rid of that coffee creamer!

#4. Texture

This one is more for the powdered form. Is the powder still intact or do you find some grouped structures? Get rid of it because it means that it has been exposed to moisture. Pay attention to texture change.

Molds and coffee aren’t a great match and so are molds and coffee creamer! Signs of spoilage are also a great indicator.

How should you store your coffee creamer?

Storing the coffee creamers starts with knowledge of the product you’ve bought.

There are different types of coffee creamer and their lifespan depends partly on the type of creamer.

The best way is to seal it in an airtight container, in a dry place, and away from direct sunlight (unless in the fridge). An open container or saving it close to sources of heat is never a good idea!

Pay attention to:

  • Liquid coffee creamer?

    Mostly, they’re made of milk, cream, sugar, and some flavors depending on your personal choice. You need to refrigerate these. Most manufacturers label this as well to keep you aware of this. Avoid temperatures higher than room temperatures and put it back in the fridge after it has been sealed thoroughly.
  • Powdered coffee creamer?

    These creamers can be saved in your cabinet. Always seal it good after you use it (airtight), don’t let air get into contact with your creamer, and protect it from moisture because mold is the last thing you’ll want.
  • Dairy or non-dairy?

The rule of thumb is normally: when there’s liquid involved, put it back in the fridge and the powdered creamer can be saved at room temperature in the cabinet. You have liquid dairy creamers and liquid non-dairy creamers. However, if there’s dairy involved, be extra aware of this and consume it within a respectable timeframe.

Are there any possible risks of using bad coffee creamer?

As with most organic and consumable items, they will deteriorate over time, meaning they have an expiry date. Pay attention as there can be some health risks when using expired coffee creamer.

Coffee creamers can go bad and must be sealed airtight and put away in a cool and dark place.

Here again, pay attention to whether your coffee creamer is liquid or powdered and if it’s dairy or not. If you consume them after the expiry date, they might contain harmful bacteria, signs of mold, or other bad things.

Every person reacts differently and sickness is the sum of different factors, so be alert about your daily consumption.

What can you do with your old coffee creamer?

You can use coffee creamer for other purposes also but don’t do it if it has reached its expiry date already.

Our advice is simply: throw it away, the coffee creamer itself!

You can give a second life to the plastic bottles of your liquid coffee creamer and use them to store away from other foods like rice, bread crumbs, quinoa, and so on…

Don’t bother with the tetra packs.

Can you freeze your coffee creamer?

We’ve all been there before, buying coffee or coffee creamer when there’s a promotion. What to do with so many of them? Store them neatly away by freezing them.

After you get out of the freezer and open the package, you’ll need to consume it within 1-2 weeks! Again, it will last longer but don’t take the risk and try to consume it faster or by using other purposes.

Frozen liquid can cool down your coffee or even make it very cold, let it thaw in your fridge for some time to let it thaw and consume it within the week if possible.

We don’t advise freezing the powdered version of the coffee creamer because of the moisture risk. If you do it, get what you need and put it back in the freezer. Doing so can cool down your coffee.


Coffee creamer can be a great way for improving your coffee experience! Now that you’re equipped with the proper storage tips for long shelf life, you can enjoy their full potential!

It all starts with the buying process, think about your needs and desires and calculate these things so you don’t have to risk your health. If you’re unsure or in doubt, just get rid of it and don’t make the same mistake again!

Enjoy your coffee!