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Honey in your coffee? A good alternative to sugar?

Honey in your coffee? A good alternative to sugar?

Have you heard about honey in coffee?

Honey is a natural sweetener that can be found in many different types of foods and recipes. People are beginning to add it to their morning cups of coffee for the extra sweetness. We’ll explore the benefits of adding honey to your coffee, as well as some tips for making the perfect cup of coffee that includes honey!

You’ll learn how adding a little bit of honey into your morning cup will help you stay energized throughout the day. Plus, we have some great tips on how to make sure your drink is just right every time with this new addition!

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History of using honey in your coffee?

The first person that has added or used honey in his or her coffee is unknown. The first person that did this is probably one that tried many things with their coffee to get a better cup of black gold!

The addition of honey in coffee is not a new thing because even before the discovery of coffee, they had already been using it for other food and drinks like tea. Probably you’ve already seen one of your grandparents do this or be familiar with this because of the accepted addition when drinking tea to treat a sore throat.

Does honey affect the taste of coffee?

Yes, it surely can affect the taste of coffee. It all depends on what type of coffee you’re drinking and how strong your honey is.

Adding honey to your coffee can affect the taste in a few ways. Start by adding a small portion of a teaspoon and keep adding until you find it great.

Remember that when you’ve added too much honey, you’ll make your coffee more bitter can downgrade your coffee experience, or make it too heavy on sugar. Try and find a balance between these.

If your cup is way too bitter, you can add milk to it as it can mask some of this bitterness and cool down your coffee. Adding milk after adding honey will also increase the calories.

Does honey have more calories?

It depends. Honey is low in calories but it depends on how much you add to your cup of coffee. Most people don’t add a lot of sugar to their cups. When you look at honey, they might have a small bit more calories when compared to sugar (about 1/3rd more but still small).

Don’t measure in calories always as this difference is small. Depending on the honey used it can be a bit more or less.

Normally, honey is sweeter than sugar, so you should use less. If you balance this, it won’t be a lot more and can even be less in calories on some occasions.

What are the pros and cons of honey?

Enough talk about calories and history! Let’s get deeper into the benefits and drawbacks of using honey as a coffee sweetener.


  1. Sweeter than sugar: think about the used quantities! Start with half a teaspoon and add more. In the beginning, this can be a bit too much, delivering a less good coffee taste! Keep on trying and get the quantities right of both honey and coffee!
  2. It all depends on what type of honey you use. There are so many types and it’s not easy to get your hands around them all if you’re trying to explore their taste. However, most people love the earthy taste of good pure honey like raw honey.
  3. A natural way to boost your metabolism because they contain a lot of antioxidants and improves the process of burning fat, thus enhancing weight loss this way.
  4. Honey contains a lot of calcium and other minerals. Calcium helps our heart, muscles, and nerves to function well. It also should protect more than your bones: it battles high blood pressure and may help against cancer.


  1. Too much honey can increase bitterness and make it too sweet. Get the balance right by experience, don’t let a first bad experience hold you back.
  2. People that are diabetic, be aware that if not done right, it can increase the sugar rate of your cup, increasing health risks for you.
  3. Using too much honey can result in a weaker flavor of your coffee.
  4. Adding too much can also upset your stomach. There are of course other factors that can be decisive for this like the beans. There are low acid coffees out there just for this purpose or lowering the risk of stomach trouble.

Why should you consider using honey in your coffee?

It can increase your coffee experience and a nice change to the overused sugar or milk as a sweetener. It’s a natural sweetener and not an artificial one like sugar.

It can give you some health benefits as well, improve your metabolism and increase the process of burning fat.


Is it bad to put honey in hot drinks?

No, there’s no problem with putting honey in a hot drink if you balance it. In general, it’s good to heat your honey a bit before you use it so its flavors can be released even more. As with most things, balance! Find the optimal amount of honey for your cup.

It’s known that adding honey to hot coffee can lower some vitamins, enzymes, parts of your honey and make it more difficult for your body to digest it well. Some people are more sensitive when it compares to coffee.

What does black coffee with honey do?

It can increase that black coffee into a great coffee experience. This is done by reaching a good amount of honey, done by the experience of the coffee drinker. It depends on the type of honey used and the personal preference.

There’s a lot of debate about is honey in coffee is good or bad? We are no doctors so we won’t go deeper on this topic but advise you to use common sense: don’t overdo the portions of honey in coffee and you’ll be good.

Is honey is coffee good?

Yes, it’s great to add honey to your coffee. It can give you some health benefits and improve the taste of your cup of coffee. At the same time, too much can make it too sweet or weak in flavor. Experiment with it so you can find a good balance for yourself! As with milk or any other sweetener, don’t overdo it.

Will adding honey in coffee break an intermittent fast?

Yes, fasting is about controlling what you put in your body and not having a sip of coffee with anything else but plain water. Adding sweeteners, natural and artificial, means adding sugar to your cup. Doing this will break the fast as it enhances the production of insulin.

Are there different types of honey?

Yes. You can have multiple categories of dividing honey. There is raw honey, coming straight from the bees themself, and there is regular honey. Regular honey contains processed sugars and other added parts. In general, raw honey is healthier than regular honey.


We all agree that adding sweetness to your cup can increase your coffee experience a lot! As a natural alternative to the widely used sugar and milk, honey can add both extra taste and health benefits to your daily cup of black gold!

It depends on your taste. You just have to experiment with honey to find out whether you enjoy the taste or not.

Always keep trying new things or other sweeteners! Coffee is all about brewing and trying!

Enjoy your coffee!