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Brewing coffee can give you great tastes and flavors. Without acids, there’s no great flavor in coffee. Not everyone is immune to this. Some people are more sensitive to acid reflux, heartburn, tooth decay. Your body will tell you if something is wrong, just listen to it.

Does your stomach hurt a lot when you’re drinking your coffee? There are coffee beans available that don’t have a lot of acidities and will allow you to brew a great cup. You don’t have to suffer to enjoy good coffee. Of course, you can opt for decaf but that’s not the road we’ll take here today!

We at Golden Sin have reviewed about 10 of the best low acid coffees.

Don’t want to read the whole article? We at Golden Sin Coffee have reviewed the best low acid coffees and suggest you try Tyler’s No Acid Organic Coffee. They say it’s doctor recommended and we believe it has a high quality! You can’t go lower than no acid, right? Click here for the link to Amazon!


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#1. Java Planet, Organic Coffee Beans, Colombian Single Origin, Low Acid, Gourmet Medium Dark Roast of Arabica

Java Planet is a family-owned business and is founded in 2009. They provide 100% certified organic coffee. They come with a single-origin coffee from Colombia. It’s a medium to dark roast, made of 100% Arabica beans. This isn’t a bitter dark roast, it has fruity accents and has low acid.

It’s certified organic and fair trade, meaning you will support the environment, the workers, and their relatives. The beans are grown without using pesticides.

They label the roast date on the bags. This indicates that the product is fresh and has high quality! Always know what you buy!

They come in packs of 16 oz ( 454 g).

#2. Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee, Organic French Roast, High Antioxidant

Puroast is all about less acid and great taste. They have a specific roasting process, their coffee has about 70% less acid in it when compared to the leading brands. Also, their coffee has 7x more antioxidants than green tea.

The beans are sourced from Venezuela and are dark roasted. They come with the Organic French Roast. It’s a strong coffee with no bitter aftertaste. They roast their beans in a hacienda on a wood-fire, going basic! It’s all based on scientific research.

They sold coffee and got answers from clients that they didn’t suffer too much from heartburn after their coffee and wanted to know why. This tells me that this product is trustworthy.

It comes in 12 oz bags (340 g).

#3. Copper Moon Guatemalan Antigua Blend, Whole Bean Coffee, 2 Pound Bag, Light Roast Coffee from Guatemala

Copper Moon is a family roastery and aims to create evenly roasted high-quality coffee. They roast single batches of beans for the best flavor. Their coffee is allergen-free, gluten-free, and is non-GMO (genetically modified).

This Guatemalan blend is a light roasted smooth coffee with cocoa, berry, and citrus tastes.

It comes in a bag of 32 oz (907 g).

#4. Tyler’s No Acid Organic Coffee Beans

This brand is founded in 2004 and has, like most starters, a great story to tell. Tyler and his father have their roasting process, all-natural, and that’s the main reason why there’s no acid in it.

This coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans (Mexico), single-sourced and organic. They label their coffee as Doctor Recommended.

It comes in bags of 12 oz (340 g).

#5. Folgers Simply Smooth Mild Roast Ground Coffee

Folgers come with a simply smooth blend. It’s a mild roast (light) and a blend of mellow and balanced flavors.

The beans are specially roasted to reduce irritants associated with stomach discomfort.

The coffee is packaged in AromaSeal canister to maintain freshness.

It comes in a canister of 31.1 oz (882g).

#6. The Organic Coffee Co. Zen Blend Ground Coffee

The name is quite clear, The Organic Coffee Company. They’re all about the magic O-word. The way from the seed to the cup has high standards, the coffee is artisan roasted. They are USDA-certified and Fairly Traded.

They come with the Zen Blend. It’s sourced from Arabica beans in Central America and manufactured in Mexico. It’s a regular roast (light) and light and smooth. This coffee is good for the environment and yourself.

They come in bags of 12 oz (340 g).

#7. Kenya AA Coffee Beans. French Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Java House comes with the Africa Kenya espresso. The beans are sourced in the Kenyan highlands at high altitudes. This coffee is a specialty coffee. It has the Coffee Kenya label on it.

The coffee is single-origin and hand-roasted. It’s a dark roast, but because of the roasting technique, it results in a milder, less acidic, and smooth coffee. The coffee has a bold and sweet flavor, with fruity, caramel, and chocolate accents.

The coffee is fairly traded.

It comes in bags of 13.23 oz (375 g).

#8. Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffee Caffe Dark Roast French Roast

Teecino offers a great alternative to regular coffee brands. They come with the Teecino French Roast Herbal Coffee.

The coffee is a dark roast, has a robust and focused body without any sweetness. French roasted is coffee that’s dark roasted without competing for flavor notes or sweetness. Teecino offers these great flavors without caffeine and acidity.

The coffee is organic, has no caffeine, and is acid-free. It’s made from Ramón seeds, a superfood, and contains prebiotic Inulin, a soluble fiber found in chicory, that’s beneficial for digestion and the immune system.

If you opt for a coffee without caffeine, this is a viable solution. The coffee is organic and USDA-certified. The coffee achieved the Eco Excellence award in coffee (2020).

It comes in bags of 11 oz ( 312 g).

#9. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast, 2.2 Pound (Pack of 1)

Lavazza comes with the super crema, a medium espresso roast. The beans are blended and roasted in Italy.

The blend is about 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta. It has an aromatic taste profile and tasting notes of hazelnut, brown sugar, and fruits.

It comes in bags of 2.2 lb (1000 g).

#10. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend

Green Mountain comes with the breakfast blend. This coffee is light roasted and sourced from 100% Arabica beans. It has a balanced taste, sweet and nutty flavor. The coffee is Kosher.

It comes in bags of 1.12 lb ( 510 g).


Coffee contains a lot of acids. There are about 2 types: chlorogenic and quinic. Chlorogenic is a natural part of the coffee bean and quinic is derived from it. You can measure acidity by using the PH scale (from a range of 0 to 14). Normal coffee has a ph-value of about 5.

Coffee lovers talk about acidity. They usually refer to the fruity flavors of the coffee.

Coffee contains chlorogenic acids (antioxidants). You can use acidity as a quality indicator for your coffee. If you read in a review about coffee with high acidity, they most likely refer to the high place they were grown and their specific roasting process. Don’t confuse acidity with something poisonous or worse. It just means it has a brighter taste. It would be a shame you didn’t try a product because of wrong assumptions.

As a role of thumb, the darker the roast, the less chlorogenic acids and more quinic acids you’ll have in your coffee. These quinic acids can cause your stomach to feel sour and downgrade your coffee experience, or not. It all depends on your flavor and preferences. Acidity is a very controversial topic in coffee land. Some people love it, other people hate it, as with most things in life.

It all comes down to your needs and the moment for that cup.



If you’re brewing cold brew, you’ll need more coffee for the same cup. Lightly roasted beans are higher in acidity, but cold brewing reduces their levels. The acidity was released because of the high temperature during the brewing process. Brewing cold takes more time and grounds but reduces the amount of acidity.


The lighter your roast, the less it’s roasted and the fewer acids are destroyed. In most cases, the darker the roast, the better you’ll tolerate it (medium to dark).


You can solve a lot of the problems by adding sweeteners, additives to your black brew. The use of milk, honey, salt, cinnamon, and others can reduce your acidity problems.


When it comes to levels of acid when choosing between Arabica beans and Robusta beans, when it comes to acids, you definitely will choose Arabica over Robusta, since it contains fewer acids and caffeine. Blends of Robusta and Arabica can be to have the best of both worlds. It all depends on the brewing method you prefer and the price. Robusta beans are cheaper and can reduce the price.

Of course, it all depends on where the beans are grown and farmed.


#1. Better for your stomach

It’s known that coffee with a lot of acids can prove a challenge for your stomach. Acid reflux can cause indigestion, health issues… Consuming foods that are low on acid, improve digestion, limits heartburn, and fights inflammation.

Your stomach contains certain acids for digestion and to kill certain bacteria. Some foods can make your body create more of those acids. This can result in acid reflux, acid can rise to your throat and leave that bad taste in your mouth.

#2. Better for your teeth

Acids can do severe damage to your teeth. It’s not the coffee itself that causes this, but the possibility of causing acid reflux. The acids in your stomach can damage your teeth.



You can do a few things to reduce this. You can opt for a cold brew instead of a hot brew. By brewing at lower temperatures, you’ll release fewer acids. You can also add sweeteners, additives to your coffee like milk, sugar, honey, cinnamon, and others. Products with calcium in it (like milk) can heavily reduce this.


Yes, acids in coffee can stimulate the production of stomach acids. Drinking coffee that’s low on acids (like caffeine) will reduce the probability of acid reflux.


Making a choice is always personal. There are a lot of coffee brands and products in the world, it’s hard to pick a list of 10 good coffees. This is the same for low acid coffee. But of course, there are other great coffees out there, so one day you must go and try them.

We at Golden Sin have reviewed the 10 best low acid coffees and suggest you start with Tyler’s No Acid Organic Coffee. This coffee has no acid and the founder has a great story to tell. You can’t go lower on acids, right? (sorry couldn’t resist)

Enjoy your coffee!