How much did you already invest in coffee gear and equipment in your life?

Did you know that there are espresso machines that can cost multiple 5-figures? Yes, you read it well, > $ 10.000. We’re talking about the mastrena espresso machine from a Swiss company. Always think about what you want to spend your money on.

These mastrena espresso machines are used by Starbucks. Think about how many coffees you can get there for that price. If you’re new to coffee and want to try an espresso machine. There are cheaper ones that will suit you just fine. It’s not bad to have a decent 4 cup coffee maker at your disposal.

As your coffee journey goes on, you might invest a bit more in your equipment, paying a few thousand for a machine. Not many people can or will do that. How many cups should you drink to recover the investment? For many people, homebrewing coffee is an art and skill, a way of living. For me it’s a way of slowing down, you can do everything yourself, grind it, smell it, blend different beans to perfect the taste and flavor. It’s about taking time for yourself, what’s the rush?

Some people spent thousand or more on a decent espresso machine, like the commercial ones in your nearby coffee shop. Are you prepared to go a level higher? When you search on, You’ll get results starting from $ 1,000.00 to $ 2,500.00. There’s even someone that sells 4 for the price of $ 22,500.00, Is anyone still interested in this Starbucks espresso machine?

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Thermoplan AG is a Swiss company that was founded in 1974 by Steiners. They got into the coffee business in 1995, since then they’ve focused on the production of fully automatic coffee machines.

They’ve developed in 1994 a fully automatic coffee machine, made out of different modules. Since then they’ve kept going. Since 1999, they’re the exclusive supplier for Starbucks for fully automatic coffee machines. In 2007 they claim to have the first automatic coffee machine that can prepare cold milk foam by pressing a button.


So they’ve landed an exclusive contract with Starbucks and their brand got known internationally fast. That’s not bad for a company that existed for about 25 years at the time.

Starbucks and Thermoplan benefited each other and kept growing. Starbucks decided to go with super-automatic coffee machines. Today they mostly use the Mastrena CS2 espresso machine. They were in circulation around 2008. The machine has a huge capacity when it comes to coffee beans, suited for a lot of coffees. There’s a state-of-the-art burr grinder that could grind your beans at a very fast rate. All other features are there as well: steam wand, frothing device, etc…

The company keeps investing in their machines and comes with newer ones. They sell about 3 machines on their website: the Black&White3, the Black&White4, and the Black&White4 compact. There’s no sign of the Mastrena or other coffee makers. That’s because of the deal with Starbucks and other coffee houses. It’s not suited for home usage.

You can see a video from the Mastrena CS2:

Thermoplan keeps innovating and comes with new machines, there’s the mastrena 2 already. Thermoplan ag keeps innovating and comes with new machines, there’s the mastrena 2 already. This machine is a new generation and it’s said (according to Yahoo Finance) that they will be in all stores in the US and Canada in 2022. The new coffee machine will be an AI machine, artificial intelligence. There will be a lot of data captured and processes will be optimized. Starbucks looks to collect data and reduce operating costs, is faster, talk about a deep brew.

Here’s a video of the mastrena 2:

Starbucks has always invested in technology and keeps doing that!

Can you imagine the future?


Normally, unless you work in a Starbucks you have very few chances to stumble upon one new. As stated above, Starbucks is replacing them with the newer Mastrena model (Mastrena 2). This means that these machines will be put out of the cycle and be available on the secondary market.

As stated above, you can buy a few ones online on This is a lot of money. Think about for what purpose you would like to buy this machine. Just for 1 or 2 cups a day? Not worth the investment if you ask me.

Think about what you can do with all that money. A Mastrena espresso machine is known to cost more than $10,000. You can be passionate, but there are limits, right?

This machine is built to serve more than 100 customers daily. Will it give you a great cup of coffee? Surely yes, but is it worth the money? Think about what you want. Homebrewing is a way of minimalism and self-care right? Besides, you can buy a used car with that money.


Mastrena coffee machines are top-tier commercial machines to serve a huge number of customers regularly. It does the job at an incredibly high speed, without losing the quality of the coffee flavor and taste. Normally, a company like Starbucks invests in it because that’s their core business after all. Big brands and companies like Starbucks rely on the best of the best out there.



Mastrena is the name of the fully automated coffee machine that Starbucks shops have. They’re generally produced by Thermoplan AG, a Swiss company. They’re commercial-grade and top-tier machines and not suited for home use.


Since they’re top-tier commercial machines, they cost 5 figures! They’re said to have a price between $15,000 and $17,000. The older models, like the CS2, are available used on online marketplaces like


Espresso machines must be able to handle the heat and have multiple features, like a frothing device, a steam wand, a bean hopper… You need high-grade material to be durable and last a long time. The different parts are high grade and this is the price higher. However, you can buy quality for the right price. Cheaper coffee machines use cheaper and mostly more inferior materials.


There’s no such thing as a Starbucks machine. You can, of course, refer to the mastrena but they’re no machines made by Starbucks, Starbucks buys them from Thermoplan, which produces them exclusively for Starbucks. Starbucks is replacing the current models with the Mastrena 2. The older ones might become available on the secondary market. Today you can already buy them at online marketplaces like eBay.


We at Golden Sin think you should invest your money in other coffee equipment, especially when you’re at the start of your coffee journey in life. There’s always a purpose and the purpose for the mastrena coffee machines are in commercial settings, where coffees are made all day, not a cup or 5 per day for home use.

Starbucks will outfit their shops with the new Mastrena 2, a huge coffee machine that relies on artificial intelligence to benefit the customers’ experience and control operating expenses.

Go and invest in a good manual grinder, a cheap espresso machine, or a more expensive super automatic espresso machine to suit your espresso needs!

Enjoy your coffee!