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Espresso, the idea alone! An espresso can make your day. We at Golden Sin have already discussed what can contribute to a good coffee and what not. We all know that freshness is an important part of the brewing process. The finer the grind, the better it’s suited for espresso. Grinding them that fine is a craft and requires experience. We have you covered!

The thing is, espresso can be seen as some specialty or niche in coffee land. We won’t say that one of these manual coffee grinders won’t do the trick, but generally, espresso grinders are a bit more expensive, because they must deliver very fine grounds and be consistent. The finer and more consistent it is, the better for the taste of your coffee and espresso.

We at Golden Sin will dig deeper into the subject of coffee grinders suited for espresso and guide you and select the best espresso grinder for you.

Don’t want to read the whole article? We at Golden Sin Coffee think that you can’t miss with the Smart Grinder Pro from Breville. This is one of the more expensive ones on our list, but it’s worth the investment because you invest in high-quality and thus longevity. Click here for the link to Amazon!


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#1. Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder Professional Series

This grinder from Mueller is a conical burr grinder. This means you can expect consistency and uniform grinding. The burrs are made of stainless steel.

The coffee bean hopper and removable container can hold a large number of beans and grounds, so you can produce about 30 cups of coffee! It comes with a gear reduction motor and grinds slow to ensure flavor.

This machine is easy to clean, you can remove the top burr easily and it comes with a cleaning brush. It’s simple to use, it has an auto-stop function and the job can be started with one simple push on the button.

#2. Sboly Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

This electric grinder has a capacity of about 12 cups and comes with an automatic shutdown function. It has stainless steel conical burr design and ensures the flavor and aroma by preventing the loss of essential oils by oxidation. This grinder comes with 18 grind settings and is suited for all brewing desires. The amount that has to be ground can be adjusted between 1-12 cups. The machine looks beautiful and is very compact, easy to put away if not needed. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

#3. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

As the name suggests, this is a conical burr grinder and that means 1 thing: more control of your grind size. The burrs are made from steel. There’s a wide range of grind settings available. It grinds slow and doesn’t make a lot of noise, minimizing the static build-up. It comes with a large bean container (8.8 ounces) and a ground coffee container (4 ounces). The machine is easy to clean and maintain, you can remove the upper burr smoothly. This one can be the ideal coffee grinder for espresso at home.

#4. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza has quite a name in the coffee niche. This machine is made for use at home and is seen as a good entry-level grinder. It grinds at a slow speed, to prevent it from heating your coffee and thus ensuring good taste. It comes with a convenient pulse button and a simple on/off switch. When it comes to grinding, you’ve about 40 grind settings to choose from. It comes with conical burrs (40 mm) and can be used for a wide range of brewing methods (Espresso, Aeropress, French Press, and others). It’s made in Europe and comes with a powerful DC motor. The Baratza is compact and doesn’t require a lot of place in your kitchen. It’s easy to maintain and clean.

#5. Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder

Breville in my ville! This machine is one of the pricier ones on the list (about $200). It comes with stainless steel conical burrs and is designed to reduce heat production during the grinding and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean.

It comes with 60 grind settings, allowing you to try various brews at home. There’s a precision electronic timer that allows users to adjust grind time. It has a large capacity of 18 oz for coffee beans. You can grind directly into the portafilter, grinds container, or paper filter.

With the locking system, you can quickly remove, store and transfer the bean hopper. This high-quality machine is easy to clean and maintain.

#6. Delonghi Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

The Delonghi Ariete is a popular coffee machine brand known for the design of its products. They’re known for the innovation of their products and have won a few certifications.

It’s a heavy-duty grinder that comes with a conical burr disc and comes with a wide range of grind settings (about 15 and varies from very smooth to coarse).

It comes with a large capacity: the bean container can hold 13.33 oz or 378 gr of coffee beans; the ground coffee container can hold about half: 6.5 oz or 194 gr of ground coffee and equals about 10 cups. You can even adjust the cup size you want. The bean hopper is removable.

The Ariete can fit into any kitchen interior and doesn’t need a lot of counter space (14″ high, 9 ” deep, 5″ wide).

This machine is suited for any coffee and is a reliable partner in your coffee journey.

#7. Wirsh Coffee Grinder

This grinder is small, looks very simple, and is suited for most interiors and circumstances. It comes with a large capacity: it has about 4.2 oz (120 gr) capacity and can give you about 15 cups. It’s suited for most brewing methods.

It comes with 2 stainless steel blades and can quickly grind up to 4.2 oz in 30 seconds. It’s also suited for other products like pepper, nuts. We don’t suggest you do that but if you do so, think about cleaning it after each different use. It comes with a 1 press operation and acts as a switch, when you remove your hand from the lid it will stop grinding.

The coffee grinder is easy to clean and maintain and comes with a free brush. Thanks to its compact design it can be stored away easily.

The downsides are that it’s not automatic and thus requires more time than the automatic counterparts. The blade grinders can heat things, resulting in lesser flavor.

#8. Cuisinart Coffee Grinder 2.5 Oz. White

This grinder looks beautiful and blends well into any kitchen interior. It can be stored away easily because of the compact design. The grinders are blades of stainless steel and no burrs. The grinder is easy to clean and maintain.

It has an on/off switch with a safety interlock and has a low capacity of about 2.5 oz (70 gr). When not needed it can be stored away easily. The grinder is easy to clean and maintain.

#9. KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder – Onyx Black

As the title suggests, this is a stainless steel blade grinder and doesn’t require a lot of effort to grind your coffee. You push the button and keep at it as long you need to grind and it stops if you release the button. You can see through the cover how consistent the grinds are.

It has a large capacity and can grind up to 12 cups of coffee. The bowl can be (re)moved easily and has measurement markings on the inside, making it easy for you how many coffee beans you need and how many cups.

You can also grind other things instead of coffee: spices like pepper. However, it’s not suited for multiple persons. If you use it for multiple products, you must clean it after each different use. The grind can be easily cleaned and maintained.

#10. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO stands for high-quality and delivers. It’s made from stainless steel and is heavy (4.5 pounds).

The coffee is ground by 40 mm conical burr grinders, made from stainless steel. It has about 15 settings for adjusting your grind size according to your needs. It comes with a large capacity of up to 0.75 pounds of coffee beans (about 12 oz).

The grounds container can store about 12 cups of coffee (3.9 oz or 110 grams). It’s advised to never use water or other liquids to clean the inside of the grinder or burrs, use a brush instead.

This grinder is easy to use and clean and an allrounder in your kitchen!


We all know that grinders play a major role in brewing your coffee. As coffee lovers, we want to make the best coffee at any given time, and to do so, you’ll need good equipment for that.

The grinds need to be fine and consistent to extract evenly. There are different types of grinders: blade grinders, conical burr grinders, and flat burr grinders.

The blade coffee grinders do what blades can: chop the coffee beans. They’re cheaper than the other grinders and give more inconsistent results. That’s what we want to avoid!

Burr grinders deliver more consistent grinds than their blade counterparts. You want this if you want to be in control. Since you don’t have to worry a lot about the grind size and consistency, you can focus on other variables.

There are 2 types of burrs: conical and flat burrs. Conical burrs don’t make a lot of noise as blade grinders, deliver a more consistent grind, and are suited for home use and also for espresso. Flatt burrs are more expensive, can deliver very fine grind, and are often used commercially. When you’re a hardcore barista you can also have it at home.

So if you have to choose a type, don’t go with a blade grinder to grind your coffee beans. Burr grinders are a bit more expensive than blade grinders and almost always repay you in quality and longevity.


There’s a wide range of coffee grinders available. It all depends on your personal needs and preferred brewing methods. If you have a grinder for espresso, you can almost brew anything at home. If you don’t want to brew espresso or other brewing methods that require finer grinds, you don’t need to invest in one.

#1. Budget

First of all, define your budget. A good coffee grinder for espresso doesn’t come cheap. You can find good ones under $200. Quality has a price. The higher the quality, the longer it will serve you. Don’t save too much on this purchase or you’ll risk buying other grinders and in the end, you’ll regret not paying more at your first purchase. It can save you a lot of time when making that decision right the first time.

2. Grind size

In this case, we’re searching for a coffee grinder that’s suited for espresso and must be able to grind very consistently and fine. It all depends on what brewing methods you prefer. You can’t expect to make an espresso with an inconsistent, not very fine grind and expect it to be the best of the best.

#3. Burr type:

You can see the section above fur a detailed explanation. Bottom line is that you don’t want a blade grinder for your espresso. Go with a burr grinder. A decent conical burr grinder is suited for the coffee lover.



This is a classic and very good question! It all comes down to flavor. Freshly ground coffee is way better than ground coffee (ground way before). The smell of fresh coffee is very nice and is part of the brewing process (ritual?). Coffee beans can last a longer period when stored properly. Ground coffee will lose its taste and flavor almost directly.


For brewing espresso, you’ll need very fine coffee grounds. Blade grinders deliver inconsistently and not very fine grounds, they mostly chop the beans. You’ll want a burr grinder, they improve consistency and can grind very fine. Blade grinders are better suited for grinding spices like pepper.


It all depends on the specific context, budget, and preferred brewing methods. Conical burr grinders produce less noise, don’t heat up so fast because of the slower grind speed and they’re also a bit cheaper. They’re suited for the coffee-lover at home and most brewing needs. Flat burr grinders are suited for commercial use and go with higher prices. They are noisier, can heat up faster but all in all, the grind is more consistent compared to conical burr grinders.


Yes, there are manual coffee (burr) grinders available. The advantage of burr grinders is that they’re consistent. Hand grinders require more time than their automatic counterparts. You can look here for more information.


A coffee grinder for espresso is an important consideration and investment. We at Golden Sin think that the BREVILLE SMART GRINDER PRO is the best pick. You’ve to invest to gain quality right?

Enjoy your coffee!